Why Get Involved

Rocksteady Training believes that every young person is unique and therefore will have individual learning needs and suitable teaching styles. Not all learners will suit a classroom environment; many will need one on one tutoring and will suit a more hands on/practical way of learning. We believe that by taking a learner who may be struggling in a mainstream school setting, and working in smaller groups/one on one, while learning something so practical and useful, can help to re engage the learner and improve behavioural issues.

At Rocksteady Training we offer learners the opportunity to choose a career within the building industry by giving them the skills and knowledge they need to become a qualified trade operative and forward them onto employment within the building industry. Although we our training our learners in construction we also aid our students with the tools and life skills to achieve in the future.

Together we work with occupational therapists, teachers, Maths and English tutors, support agencies, youth offending teams and alternative education providers to facilitate a truly personalised learning experience.

The future of these young people is so very important and with the right guidance and education, our students can flourish and excel not only in their construction skills but socially and emotionally too.