“I really enjoy my time at Rocksteady Training as I can learn Construction Skills in a relaxed environment where I feel I can be myself with the support of all the staff”

Curtis, 15 


“My favourite thing about Rocksteady is the different construction skills I can learn. All the staff are really down to earth and friendly.”          

 Tommy, 15 


“Rocksteady Training has given me a good insight into what it is like to work in the building industry and helps us prepare for college. The staff are honest and fair with all the students and we are treated like adults”

Danny, 16 


Peter always treats us with respect, so we treat him with respect back. I want to go on to college and Rocksteady training is preparing me for that in a friendly environment”

Callum, 15 


“The tutors are really helpful and patient. I want to go into the Army but the skills I am learning will help me with anything I decide to do in the future. The environment at Rocksteady is better than anywhere else I had been taught. “

  Abi, 16