Adult Learning classes

It is intended to start, based on demand, adult evening classes for post 18 year olds in early 2016. The classes will be for both accredited (Construction Skills diploma) and non – accredited courses.

The classes will be based for those learners who have different expectations from this learning, which will be discussed at the interview stage, for example: –

  1. Just an awareness, understanding and practice to develop skills and confidence to undertake small Do It Yourself (DIY) jobs around the home, or
  1. as a transition option into further training progression at an FE college or employment, or
  1. as part of training, development and progression objectives although already employed within the construction industry or are about to start employment, or
  1. as an option taster for employment in the construction industry


The course outline structure will be as follows

  1. Both accredited and non – accredited courses will be in 10 week blocks
  1. Commitment required for accredited courses will be an average 18 months duration for successful completion
  1. There will an evening class of 2.5 hours once a week
  1. Two evenings a week will be available where there is a demand and a limit is placed on 10 different learners for each session
  1. Fees are payable up front just before the start of a ten week block.
  1. The fees for both types of course for a ten week block will be £400.00 and will include all materials and will not be refundable once the course has started
  1. The courses will involve instruction, demonstration and practice and supported by feedback and planned periodic reviews
  1. The non- accredited course is a roll on / roll basis subject to item 7 above