A Day at RockSteady

A Typical Date at Rocksteady Training

Rocksteady’s construction workshop is completely learner centred.

It is an environment and structure developed and focussed on an active real time construction workshop/site with an insight for learners of the expectations within the building industry and to build trust and confidence with the teaching team and their peers.

RST is about the individual, but we also teach our learners the importance of teamwork. At RST we are focused on young people taking individual responsibility as part of their learning.

The day is very variable with existing learners, new starts and those potential learners coming in for an arranged taster day.

The structure of a normal day which does have variable activities is as follows: –

  1. Welcome to all learners with an informal chat before teaching commences. This applies to those young people with either morning or afternoon starts.
  1. The daily register is taken in the morning and afternoon and a referral is made to their school or referral organisation within the hour to allow for lateness and where there is unauthorised absence.
  1. Any potential problem a young person may have is identified and discussed followed with any appropriate action being taken or recommended.
  1. Tasks are set – either continuation of existing projects or new ones. We believe in giving our students the choice of what they would like to do with their time. Most students will have the option on what they would like to begin with/do next. For example, Start with Carpentry/Brickwork.
  1. There is always instruction, discussion, demonstration and observation where this is needed.
  1. General observation continues which allows the learners to continue their set task independently but help is always on hand from our head tutor or workshop assistants.
  1. Support provided is always appropriate, proportionate and reasonable to allow understanding and application of the task.
  1. The learners also write up what they have been doing and answer any set questions. This is to encourage and build up their confidence, actively improve their Maths and English and build up their portfolio.
  1. Planned reviews with the learners are undertaken to discuss progress and outcomes and identify, agree and record any actions to assist learning and progression.
  1. Sessions are also undertaken for any planned therapeutic support or if identified as required by the learner. Many of our students will be able to participate in Thrive Sessions. (Please see our Thrive page)
  1. Maths and English support is also provided during write ups and separate sessions.
  1. There are visitors from schools including teachers, support and key workers where any feedback is provided and obtained in support of the learners.
  1. Other visitors normally include colleges and local government officers enquiring about the programme and as required specialist training and support staff.
  1. There are three breaks a day at set times – in the morning, lunch time and afternoon and off site visits to local shops in the Temple Meads complex is monitored in respect of expected return time.
  1. There is general feedback at the end of the day including the tidying of the workshop as part of the health and safety training and awareness
  1. Phased induction is carried out for new start learners and those on taster days and will include all the above
  1. There is discussion and feedback regarding new start learners and those on taster days as part of monitoring and agreeing the next stage for the young person. This is then discussed with the appropriate school through their teachers / support or key worker.

Dealing with Behavioural Issues and Exclusion

Rocksteady Training deals with behaviour issues by collecting as much information as possible from Schools, Parents, Carers and the Learners themselves. All learners will have risk assessment at induction and behaviour is monitored constantly.  If a issue is to arise that cannot be dealt with within the provision, the relevant people will be contacted and a meeting will be held.  We do not believe in suspending/excluding a student unless it is unavoidable. All our students will be informed of what Rocksteady Training expects of them and we will issue warnings when necessary.

You can find more details of behaviour management in our policies section.